EICS 2019


Inspiration: technology drives transformation, it’s the engine of the new Humanism.


M9 Museum
of Venice


June 27–28


Lorenzo Montagna

Why AR and VR are truly revolutionary for companies

Emanuele Quarin

A pilot project for a more effective learning experience through VR technology

Christophe Mallet

Training for the Future & The Future of Training


Jacopo Pantaleoni

Advances in Real-Time Rendering

Giacomo Garoffolo

The Extended Reality of Today

Francesco Bernabei

VR/AR as storytelling for Brands

Anrik Bregman

Choose Your Own Reality – How the real and virtual will gradually merge to create our collective future, and we can all choose our reality

Rupert Breheny

Enabling immersive exploration with Google Earth VR

Derick Gwyn Murdoch

VR as an empathy engine. How experiencing dementia in VR can influence behaviour change

Check back soon for more talks from 2019!


Andrey Drobitko

CEO and Founder of SketchAR

Olga Kravchenko

Co-founder and CEO of Musemio

Anrik Bergman

Immersive director and founder of ANRK Studio

Pier Mattia Avesani

CEO and Co-founder of UQIDO

Elena Malakhatka

Director of VR Sci Lab at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Rupert Breheny

VR Manager, Google

Giuseppe Abbamonte

Director for Media Policy, European Commission

Jacopo Pantaleoni

Principal Engineer – Research Scientist at NVIDIA

Gianni Ricciardi

Founder and VR-Music Producer, WANT Musik

Prof. Alberto Gallace

Professor of Psychobiology and Applied Neuroscience

Christopher Lafayette

Founder and CEO of The Armada TECH

Marco Biscione

M9 Museum Director

Lorenzo Montagna

AR e VR Advisor, Technology Consulting, PwC Italia

Emanuele Quarin

Digital & Lean Transformation Director EMEA Electrolux