About EICS

EICS is an international summit on immersive technologies born with the aim of disclosing this world with a scientific and technical approach.
EICS exhibits real use cases on how the most cutting-edge technologies may help your business and offers a glimpse on the near-future most innovative solutions for any industry.
The focus is on technical details, outlining the state of art of these technologies and leading to a possible future breakthrough.

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Leading creators in the immersive technologies present solutions to improve businesses.


Speakers from all over the world will explain their vision through practical case histories.


Technology drives transformation, it’s the engine of the new Humanism.


Meet companies and industry professionals with a highly innovative vision of the future.


Human Centered

People are at the core of technological innovation which goes hand in hand with human innovation and a new perception of reality.

Tech Talks

More than twenty core players from all over the world will take turn on the EICS stage introducing best practices and sharing expertise in developing AR and VR projects.

EICS Ventures

Exciting insights on the most advanced hardware available on the market and chance to experience AR and VR creations.

Business Dating

Opportunity to build and to enlarge your business network, with one-to-one “Mentor sessions”, meeting experts in the field of spatial computing.

Art Exhibition

An innovative immersive museum, that combine multimedia and arts, hosting the demo-area, mixing culture, technologies and business.

EICS Lounge

Coffee breaks, light lunch and cocktails to facilitate exchange of ideas and insights between audience and speakers.

Conference will start in


M9 Museum - Via Giovanni Pascoli, 11, 30171 Mestre VE

An original, innovative and emotionally engaging museum that adopts multimedia and interactive technology to serve historical narration.


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