EICS 2018


“Shaping the Future through Immersive Technology”.


Ca’ Vendramin, Venice


March 22–23 2018


Luca Prasso

Daydream Labs: Lessons learned doing rapid prototyping in AR/VR at Google

Marco Mortillaro – Giacomo Zanghi

Immersive interactive experiences from the Italian videogame industry

Yu Ting Chang

Hardware solutions for professionals

Ethan Shaftel

Zangief and the Puppet: Two Case Studies in VR Storytelling



Andrej Drobitko

How to use AR today to improve your drawing skills

Giovanni Caturano

Reality is Overrated

Leandro Agrò

Augmented Minds: opportunities & pitfalls

Gianpaolo Greco

How to manage technical challenges in Immersive Museums

Patricio Navarro

Implementation of VR for Architectural Projects: technical problems and solutions

Elena Malakhatka

VR/AR based services for the smart buildings



Paola Di Paolo

VR in Pediatric Oncology

Sophia De Séguin

Hol’Autism, a mixed reality solution by Actimage for autism



Florian Pons

How VR is revolutionising industry training and Health & Safety in the workplace

Laura Fasano

How Immersive Technologies can enhance our productivity and organizational well-being

Alessandro Terenzi

Authoring & Integrating Augmented Reality Experiences for Industry 4.0

Pier Mattia Avesani

How to use Virtual and Augmented Reality in Manufacturing Industry

Natalia Radcliffe-Brine

Stack Overflow: Insights From The Developer Ecosystem

Mauro Rubin

Trains Maintenance: An “Augmented Reality” Reality

Sam Watts

How and When to Use Immersive Technologies in the Workplace

Mike Cadoux

The Future Ordering Food in AR, VR, and MR