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Creative Technologist at GOOGLE

Luca Prasso


Today Luca Prasso is exploring new ways to interact, connect, play and work in VR/AR.
He's designed mobile experiences for a curious generation and explored the boundaries of VR storytelling.

For the past 30 years, he's been creating digital images, writing code, exploring and designing new creative tools.

Director of VR Sci Lab at KTH

Elena Malakhatka


Elena is the Ph.D Candidate at KTH Live-in-Lab and founder of VR Sci Fest – the biggest in Europe festival dedicated to VR/AR application in Science. She is conducting her research in the area of ‘Big data in the smart buildings’ and constantly exploring how data and information could be re-thinking and representing in the new way.


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Video Maker 360°/VR

Ethan Shaftel


Ethan’s work bridges cinema, interactive design, and immersive media. In VR, his short satire EXTRAVAGANZA was premiered at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival.
He directed a room-scale VR experience for Red Bull based on STREET FIGHTER 2, and played a key role on THE WALKING DEAD VR, directing 2nd Unit and leading the 360 editorial team.

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CTO & Founder at Inglobe Technologies

Alessandro Terenzi


Alessandro is co-founder of Inglobe Technologies, a company that specialises in Augmented Reality applications development and services. His experience in Augmented Reality and related technologies spans over 10 years, during which several projects were completed in many different application domains (Cultural Heritage, Architecture & Engineering, Maintenance & Training, Industry). Alessandro developed the AR-media Plugins, the HyperSpaces and HyperIndustry authoring platforms as well as the AR-media SDK.


Laura Fasano


Technoblogger graduated in Psychology for Wellness and expert of Psychotechnology. She deals with empowerment making special projects with innovative technologies as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Serious Games to develop resources, competences and wellness.



Senior Project Manager at Vae Victis

Fabio Cristi


He works in videogames since 1997, when he was 16. After being a journalist and translator for more than 10 years, he jumps on the other side of the barricade founding AVOC Software, a small indie team developing iOS games. In 2011 he joins Milestone, where he becomes Lead Producer for MotoGP13 and other games such as WRC 2, MUD and SBK Generations. He joins Digital Bros in 2014 to design and manage Fantasfida, the first Italian daily fantasy sports game.

Untold Games Founder

Giacomo Zanghi


Tecno-enthusiast, Giacomo graduates in Computer Science, with a specialization in software design, at the University of Genoa.
He is one of the founders of FoofaStudios, where he works as programmer and project manager for the development of PC, Flash, and mobile videogames.

Game Designer at Forge Reply

Marco Mortillaro


Marco Mortillaro is a passionate Game Designer, who strives to put innovation and fun in the games he works on.
He joined Forge Reply in 2012; since then, he has participated in various projects. He designed the “book” mechanics of the role-playing game Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf, and he took the role of Lead Game Designer as the team developed Theseus, a 3rd person VR adventure.

Director of Immersive Technologies at Make Real

Sam Watts


Sam is actively engaged in the immersive technology community, living his passion for VR and games. Focused on delivery and deployment of Make Real products, he ensures that Make Real’s production teams are fully aligned with customer needs and that quality is assured.

CEO and Founder of SketchAR

Andrey Drobitko


Founder and CEO, SketchAR.
Designer, artist.

More than ten years of experience in technology and more than 15 in art. One of the affiliated products of the first company(technology for publishers) was awarded ‘Best of 2015-AppStore.’– news app.
Included in TOP 10 of the famous mural artist in Russia.
31 y.o.

CEO of JoinPad

Mauro Rubin


Mauro Rubin was born in 1980. He developed his first program in “basic language” when he was eleven years old, discovering the passion that would have stayed with him for the rest of his life.

From 1998 to 2001 he taught skydiving in the Italian Army and he approached for the first time to the VR simulator for paratroopers.


CEO and Co-Founder of Uqido

Pier Mattia Avesani


Born in Verona on December 1986, he started his career during university studies.

At age of 16, together with his friend and business partner Alberto Siletti, won the national contest “Altrimondi” with a 15-minute computer graphics documentary, exploring the solar system and guiding the viewer on a visit to the planets.

Manager, Head of Actimage Academy

Sophia De Séguin


Manager and Head of Actimage Academy. After studying literature and computer science, she joined Actimage to lead the Hol'Autism R&D project. She is interested in innovative pedagogy.


CEO and Founder of SpinVector

Giovanni Caturano


Developer, guitarist and businessman, Giovanni Caturano is CEO and Founder of SpinVector, a strongly innovative Italian company which deals with video games (million of users in 150 countries and more than half million dollars of prizes and subsidies) and Virtual and Augmented Reality.



CEO and Co-founder of ArX Solutions

Patricio Navarro


Patricio is the CEO and Co-founder of ArX Solutions. Under his leadership, the company became one of the most recognized firms in the world. With projects all over the world using cutting edge technology, ArX Solutions received extensive press coverage world wide such as The Guardian, New York Time, CNN, ABC, NBC, Forbes, Inman, Wired, American Way, Business Journal, etc.

Creative Director at Uqido

Gianpaolo Greco


Gianpaolo Greco is a versatile XR Creative Director and Project Manager, attuned to the value of continual learning, with a special interest in evolving digital technologies.



Digital Design Director at Design Group Italia

Leandro Agrò


Leando Agrò is an awarded IxD/UX Director, IoT pioneer, patents contributor with 20+ years of design and team leadership.


Marketing Responsible for Milc Foundation

Paola Di Paolo


Paola Di Paolo is the Marketing & Communication  Responsible for Milc Foundation Onlus.

In the last 10 years, she has joined her professional skills and attitude together with her personal mission in philanthropy, health and welfare matters.



CEO Jungle VR

Florian Pons


Serial entrepreneur in tech and media, Florian Pons is the founder and CEO of Jungle VR, a VR & AR studio specialized in training, with a focus on Industry and Health & Safety (HSE / QSE).
They recently opened a new branch dedicated to Augmented Reality for retail.



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Founding Partner of XR Basefund & VRBase Founder

Daan 'Kip' Doornink


Daniel started his career at a large Dutch corporate (ING) where he gained lots of hands-on experience with Scrum, Agile and Lean Startup techniques. He put his experience to good use mentoring start-ups at Rockstart in Amsterdam and has been involved in their smart energy accelerator program.


COO at Kabaq 3D Food Technologies

Mike Cadoux


Mike Cadoux is the COO of Kabaq 3D Food Technologies. He brings a deep knowledge of the hospitality space, having started a successful craft beer brand, Peak Organic Brewing Company, in 2006. For over a decade, he saw how emerging technologies affected his business and those of the restaurateurs around him. Being a technology lover and AR evangelist, he decided to switch from the brand side of the business of helping build the future of food media.

Sales & Marketing at MSi

Yu Ting Chang


MSI is a leader brand in high-range products: their goal is innovating design, always aiming to excellence and new technologies. MSI creates features for many different hardware configurations, to get the very best from each one of them.


Marketing Director at Stack Overflow

Natalia Radcliffe-Brine


Natalia is the Marketing Director at Stack Overflow. She is passionate about using Stack Overflow’s incredible data to help the world understand and engage with the world's developers.

Natalia has worked in the technology industry for the past 8 years, previously working for a FTSE 100 fintech company and a German eCommerce startup.