EICS 2018


22 March


Ethan Shaftel

Zangeif and the Puppet: two case studies in VR storytelling

Yu Ting Chang

Hardware solutions for professionals

Marco Mortillaro - Giacomo Zanghi

Immersive Interactive Experiences from Italian videogame Industry

Luca Prasso

Daydream Labs: Lessons learned doing rapid prototyping in AR/VR at GOOGLE

22 March

Art, Architecture and Design

Leandro Agrò

Augmented Minds: opportunities & pitfalls

Andrey Drobitko

How to use AR today to improve your drawing skills

Patricio Navarro

Implementation of VR for Architectural Projects: technical problems and solutions

Gianpaolo Greco

How to manage technical challenges in Immersive Museums

Giovanni Caturano

Reality is Overrated

Elena Malakhatka

VR/AR based services for the smart buildings

23 March


Sophia De Séguin

Hol’Autism, a mixed reality solution for children and adolescents with autism

Paola Di Paolo

VR in Pedriatic Onchology

23 March

Industry 4.0

Mauro Rubin

Trains Maintenance: An “Augmented Reality” Reality

Florian Pons

How VR is revolutionising Industry Training and Health&Safety in the workplace

Mike Cadoux

The Future Ordering Food in AR, VR and MR

Alessandro Terenzi

Authoring & Integrating Augmented Reality Experiences for Industry 4.0

Sam Watts

How and When to Use Immersive Technologies in the Workplace

Laura Fasano

How Immersive Technologies can enhance our productivity and organizational well-being

Natalia Radcliffe-Brine

Stack Overflow: Insights From The Developer Ecosystem

Pier Mattia Avesani

How to use Virtual and Augmented Reality in Manufacturing Industry