Pier Mattia Avesani


Pier Mattia Avesani

Born in Verona on December 1986, he started his career during university studies.
At age of 16, together with his friend and business partner Alberto Siletti, won the national contest “Altrimondi” with a 15-minute computer graphics documentary, exploring the solar system and guiding the viewer on a visit to the planets.
At 20 a scholarship in Spain left him the taste of following personal projects and he started to do it.
From 2005 to 2009 he worked he with professionals in the field and advanced computer graphics, and completed many projects and activities with various companies as IT consultant and project manager: Eismann srl, Tecnidental srl and Edilpanta srl and Keystone Dental Inc, an American company specializing in computer dental implants are some of the companies.
In 2009 he obtained a degree in multimedia computing at the University of Verona: for the thesis he developed a software for detecting movement and the recognition of faces from the video, the program was presented and tested at the same university.
In 2009 he invented and patented the Uqido system, which manages waiting flows for public offices and commercial activities.
Pier Mattia Avesani is now General Manager of Uqido Srl.
UQIDO: U Queue I Do!

In alternative he is a free-climbing expert: no peak is too high for him and no walls too smooth. He loves walls imperfections that allow him to move forward.


The Talk

How to use Virtual and Augmented Reality in Manufacturing Industry

An in-depht look at the use of both technologies in the differents phases of production and sale of the product. Augmented Reality in designing and prototyping new products and then in sales channels in order to show products to the client before the purchase.
Virtual Reality in training for staff members, explaining them how to complete a task in total safety without interrupting the assembly line or the production activities.
Augmented Reality even in case of selling during a fair or in a showroom.
A practical in-depth analysis about technologies the market offers today and solutions adopted by companies as Dainese or Breton SPA (international leader in machinery for working stone).