Paola Di Paolo


Paola Di Paolo

Paola Di Paolo is the Marketing & Communication  Responsible for Milc Foundation Onlus.

In the last 10 years, she has joined her professional skills and attitude together with her personal mission in philanthropy, health and welfare matters.

She is an Electronic Engineer specialized in Telecommunication and in Home Automation systems and services applied to differ markets, such as house hold appliances, utilities, fitness and health & welfare services.

“How can I help others with my knowledge and my experience?” This is the question that is always around her mind and that moves her to develop new products and services, but also new application of existing technology in order to support people to stay and get better.

Virtual reality is a gorgeous word extremely helpful in several applications on differ vulnerabilities as Oncology, Psychiatry, Elderly People, Kids and Young fragilities.

The Talk

VR in Pediatric Oncology

Everyday Milc foundation sustains frails and lonely people spreading the will of living. They will tell us what their plans are, particularly about the chance of using VR to let children stuck in their hospital beds virtually travel and visit new places.

Employing some special HMDs, children will find themselves at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or in the everyday life in the middle of London or among the animals in a forest. They will be able to hear the sounds of different environments, completely immersing into the experience and leaving the hospital room, so their resilience will be rewarded.