Mike Cadoux


Mike Cadoux

Mike Cadoux is the COO of KabaQ 3D Food Technologies. He brings a deep knowledge of the hospitality space, having started a successful craft beer brand, Peak Organic Brewing Company, in 2006.

For over a decade, he saw how emerging technologies affected his business and those of the restaurateurs around him. Being a technology lover and AR evangelist, he decided to switch from the brand side of the business of helping build the future of food media.

The Talk

TheĀ Future Ordering Food in AR, VR, and MR

Instagram and Pinterest created a new era for food photography & sharing. They became one of the main discovery platforms for restaurants and dishes. Restaurants had to adapt to the change by preparing more “Instagram-worthy” dishes to attract customers not only with taste but with visual appeal as well. In addition to pictures, videos have also made their mark. Video media of colorful rainbow bagels or melting cheeses generated thousands of visitors to their respective restaurants.
Now Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Snap are investing heavily in immersive technologies like augmented, virtual and mixed reality. The future of viewing and ordering food will be immersive, within AR, MR and VR environments.
How will this look and what will the implications be?