Luca Prasso


Luca Prasso

Today Luca Prasso is exploring new ways to interact, connect, play and work in AR and VR at GOOGLE with the Daydream Labs prototyping team.

He’s designed mobile experiences for a curious generation and explored the boundaries of VR storytelling.

For the past 30 years, he’s been creating digital images, writing code, exploring and designing new creative tools.

At PDI/DreamWorks he supervised Award winning movies like Shrek, he designed and developed new ways to bring digital characters to life, won Awards and patented technologies.

In 2012, he co-founded Curious Hat, where they create innovative experiences for children taking advantage of the latest mobile technologies.
They believe in engaging the children with the environment around them, to play, create and learn, using the mobile devices as exploration and creative tools.

The new generation of curious minds will have the opportunity to create the content they consume.

Curious Hat has been incubated at 500 Startups Accelerator Batch 5.


The Talk

Daydream Labs: Lessons learned doing rapid prototyping in AR/VR at Google

Daydream Labs is a rapid prototyping team inside Google Daydream tasked to find killer use cases for VR and AR.
We usually look 1 to 3 years into the future.
We build stuff with shiny new things, we find clever ways to use existing things, we discover new ways to play and we deep-dive in support of partner teams.
We have built over 200 prototypes in the last couple of years and in doing so, we learned a few things…