Laura Fasano


Laura Fasano

Technoblogger graduated in Psychology for Wellness and expert of Psychotechnology. She deals with empowerment making special projects with innovative technologies as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Serious Games to develop resources, competences and wellness.
She helps understanding how new technologies may influence cognitive and learning processes in a psychological perspective, increasing mind’s potentialities and changing social interaction models.
Her mission is promoting “Technological Wellness”.


The Talk

How Immersive Technologies can enhance our productivity and organizational well-being

New Technologies can ease and improve cognitive processes of thinking and making decisions, thus opening new possibilities of learning: classroom lessons are gradually changed into new formation experiences highly customizable to the need and skills of each single person, and mostly to the particular role and context of his own company. Immersive simulation, experienced through VR and AR, lets the individual learn new skills living situations based on real life, but in total security. A positive and balanced use of technology increases the well-being and awareness of the individual, unlocks his potential and improves organization.