Gianpaolo Greco


Gianpaolo Greco

Gianpaolo Greco is a versatile XR Creative Director and Project Manager, attuned to the value of continual learning, with a special interest in evolving digital technologies.

Able to work independently, as well as in a team structure, he handles concept-to-completion content marketing projects and manages the development of a high-quality business online presence, with a deep commitment to leveraging the latest trends in digital media and the best practices of content strategy.


The Talk

How to manage technical challenges in Immersive Museums

Gianpaolo Greco, Creative Director of Uqido, talks about Immersive Museum. A detailed description about the technical efforts due to visitors flow and how to overcome them.
Immersive Museums are very appreciated because they let the visitors interact with the pieces of art and learn in a more in-depht way. They can also be very funny.
But it often happens that someone wanting to open an Immersive Museum doesn’t know where to begin to do that.
Inside the museum, the visitor can travel through the time and going to the prehistory, in Egypt during the building of the pyramids and into the future, or he can travel through the space visiting the main European capitals, or he can try to get rid of his fears jumping into the void.