Giacomo Zanghi


Giacomo Zanghi

Tecno-enthusiast, Giacomo graduates in Computer Science, with a specialization in software design, at the University of Genoa.

He is one of the founders of FoofaStudios, where he works as programmer and project manager for the development of PC, Flash, and mobile videogames.
After that, he is a founder of Untold Games, where he currently works as project manager and account manager, taking care of multiple VR projects such as videogames and B2B applications.
In 2015 and 2016 he is the project manager of Loading Human Chapter 1, one of the launch titles for the new PlayStation VR platform.

The Talk

Immersive interactive experiences from the Italian videogame industry

Virtual Reality and videogames are a match made in heaven. But at the same time, immersive interactive videogaming experiences should face huge technical and design complications. Two Italian videogame studios talk about their experiences and challenges creating virtual reality adventures for the PlayStation VR platform.
Giacomo Zanghi discusses with Marco Mortillaro and the debate is moderated by Fabio Cristi.