Fabio Cristi


Fabio Cristi

Fabio Cristi works in videogames since 1997, when he was 16. After being a journalist and translator for more than 10 years, he jumps on the other side of the barricade founding AVOC Software, a small indie team developing iOS games. In 2011 he joins Milestone, where he becomes Lead Producer for MotoGP13 and other games such as WRC 2, MUD and SBK Generations. He joins Digital Bros in 2014 to design and manage Fantasfida, the first Italian daily fantasy sports game.

After leaving Digital Bros, he joins Vae Victis, a small indie development team located in Cesena, where he manages Racecraft, an innovative racing game with procedural track generation and other unannounced projects. Since 2017 he is also a Game Production teacher for Event Horizon School, the biggest private school in Italy for game development and digital arts, with more than 600 students.


The Talk

Immersive interactive experiences from the Italian videogame industry

Virtual Reality and videogames are a match made in heaven. But at the same time, immersive interactive videogaming experiences should face huge technical and design complications. Two Italian videogame studios talk about their experiences and challenges creating virtual reality adventures for the PlayStation VR platform.
Fabio Cristi is moderator of the debate between the speakers Marco Mortillaro and Giacomo Zanghi.