Andrey Drobitko


Andrey Drobitko

Founder and CEO at SketchAR.
Designer, artist. More than ten years of experience in technology and more than 15 in art. One of the affiliated products of the first company(technology for publishers) was awarded ‘Best of 2015-AppStore.’– news app.
Included in TOP 10 of the famous mural artist in Russia.
31 y.o.


The Talk

How to use AR today to improve your drawing skills.

Problems, solutions, and story of development of SketchAR – one of the Best AR-apps 2017 (by Wired, Product Hunt, TechRadar, and others).
SketchAR a fully-fledged tool for teaching drawing using augmented reality!

Statistics of interest to drawing. For those looking to get new life skills, ‘learn to draw’ is one of the most frequent search queries. We compared Learn to draw, learn to sing, dance, program and even fight.
Problems and solutions we have solved with the main ‘enemy’ for computer vision – White surface.
Moreover, a little bit about methods of computer vision we developed.
Also, more about opportunities for the user, businesses, and brands. One the one hand, it is very powerful and useful drawing assistant because we use machine learning and neural networks to analize all drawing content from the user. On the other hand the new experience: for instance, native 3D-assistant and advertising during all the process.