About EICS

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The Event

The line between physical and digital world is becoming more and more labile thanks to the development of Immersive Technologies (XR).


The greatest technology companies are investing large amounts of capital in this growing market, so there’s no doubt that XR is going to change many fields of everyone’s life, from education to medical science, from tourism to manufacturing, from entertainment to art and design.


This is the background to EICS, the first European Summit about immersive computing where participants can develop technical competences.

Inside EICS

Eics is the first edition of a yearly meeting which will become a reference point in the XR industry (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Immersive Reality).


It consists in two days of conferences given by leading figures of the Manufacturing world, important corporation CIOs and professionals in the field which will illustrate the most recent technology’s frontiers and their application area.


Conferences are about four different subject matter: “Architecture, Art and Design”, “Entertainment”, “Healthcare” and “Industry 4.0”.

Each category has four different talks for a total of sixteen speeches.


Architects, designers and estate agents are the main subjects who can use Immersive Technologies for their work, to show and communicate business in a different way from the past rendering.


Art performers and contemporary artist enjoy themselves to create a new perception of the artistic medium.


XR Technologies also provide new ways to promote cultural heritage and reach new kinds of audience.


Videogames, cinema, video and photography are the most important fields of application in this area.


Today there exist new ways to involve audience, gamers and public thanks to hardware and software solutions able to create environments once only imaginable.


Fields of application in this area are motor and cognitive rehabilitation, therapy of psychiatric disorder, phobias, post traumatic stress disorder and treatment of pain.


XR Technology are useful not only for patients but also for medical students to learn in a simulation context and for medicals and specialists to practise in particular operations and know how to handle crisis situations.


The forth Industrial Revolution has begun and XR Technologies play a central role in it.


They’re used for machining and production, education and collaboration, factory planning, assembly, security, testing and digital prototyping, but their key applications are in Product Design, virtual training and simulations/tests, and security aspects.


Immersive Technologies can optimise a project realisation in time and costs, improve workmen’s competences with simulated training and brief them about security measures.

What EICS can do for you

EICS Ventures

EICS is an amazing networking opportunity.


Special rooms will be dedicated to companies to show their products, so that EICS public can live an emotional moment making a direct and real experience of the XR technologies.


Thanks to its 200 people audience composed of technical and expert figures from all over Europe, EICS is a great chance to meet companies and professionals working on new technologies and marked by a strongly innovative mind.


Included in the price of the ticket there’s the possibility for those who wish to meet individually professionals, speakers and companies attending to the event.


Inside the oldest and most fascinating room of the Casino Palace, each EICS attendee will have a unique opportunity to be inspired and shaken by a personal 15 minutes talk with companies and professionals that interest him.

EICS Startup

EICS is looking for startups working in the Immersive Technology field to let them introduce theirselves during the event and show what they do.


The most promising five startups will be selected and will have the opportunity to expose their business idea to the experienced public of EICS and meet key professional people working in their field.